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Hyperlexikón - Interaktívny hypertextový lexikón literárnej vedy s korpusom kľúčových literárnovedných textov
Interactive hypertext lexicon of literary studies with a corpus of key literary studies texts
Program: SRDA
Zodpovedný riešiteľ: Mgr. Mikuláš Roman, PhD.
Anotácia: The main aim of the project is the creation of an interactive lexicon of literary studies terms in hypertext formattogether with a corpus of texts from the said field. The project follows up on the work on the electronic Hyperlexiconof Concepts and Categories in Literary Studies which was created in two VEGA research projects. The updatedand expanded Hyperlexicon will adopt new content-related and functional elements. In terms of function, the workwill be more interactive and open; in terms of content, the Hyperlexicon will now include important texts which intheir time helped spearhead new modes of thinking or even whole new paradigms. However, the hypertextuality ofthe lexicon will still be retained. The experts who will author the new entries will not only summarize the currentbody of knowledge but also conduct their own research and other related publication activities in accordance withthe aims of the project to provide even more up to date findings on the subject matter. We are convinced that sucha broad and synthesizing collaborative endeavor must be rooted in basic research. As of today, Slovak literaryscholars do not have access to a dictionary that would summarize the state of the art knowledge in the field in abroad manner and across individual philological specialization and would be fully available to them online.
Doba trvania: 1.7.2021 - 30.6.2025
Interdiskurzívne konštruovanie reality v literatúre
The Interdiscursive Construction of Reality in Literature
Program: VEGA
Zodpovedný riešiteľ: Mgr. Mikuláš Roman, PhD.
Anotácia: The project is focused on ways of exploring literature as an interdiscourse from a theoretical literary perspective. The research team will focus on the analysis of the potential of literary studies to describe literature as a phenomenon of interdiscourses, i.e. mutual communication and interrelation of the system of literature with other systems at various levels within the preconceived framework of interaction. These other systems constitute specific discourses (such as those of philosophy, mathematics, physics, biology, cognitive sciences, medicine, information technology and many others), producing knowledge that is communicated both within its original discourses and outside these discourses, either within the scientific system (interdisciplinary approach) or across various social systems via interdiscourses (such as literature, art, journalism and politics).
Doba trvania: 1.1.2020 - 31.12.2023