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Preklad a prekladanie v dejinách a súčasnosti slovenského kultúrneho priestoru. Premeny podôb, statusu a funkcií: texty, osobnosti, inštitúcie .
Translation and translating in the history and present of the Slovak cultural space. Transformations of forms, status and functions: texts, personalities, institutions.
Program: VEGA
Zodpovedný riešiteľ: prof. PhDr. Kusá Mária, CSc.
Anotácia: The project continues the tradition of translatological research that has contributed to the creation of a real Slovak translatological community over the last twenty years. The direction of the interdisciplinary translatological discourse will go (in the sense of current tendencies in thinking about translation) also into the context of reflections on world literature, as well as into the expansion of knowledge in confrontation or synergy with the discourses of other humanities (philosophy, history of culture, sociology, "oral history"), but also natural sciences (human geography, interpretive statistics, ecology, etc.). The object of research should be a) interpretations of translations and receptions of literary texts in Slovak cultural space (forming the canon?), but also b) of culturally significant various, e.g. also educational, pragmatic, audiovisual, or popular culture texts or sacred texts. The scholarly outputs of the project will be monothematic issues of WLS, as well as personal monographic nature.
Doba trvania: 1.1.2023 - 31.12.2026
Prekusvet - Preklad a aspekty recepcie spoločenskovedných a humanitnovedných textov ako kultúrny a literárny transfer v 20. storočí
Translation and aspects of reception of social science and humanities texts as cultural and literary transfer in the 20th century
Program: SRDA
Zodpovedný riešiteľ: prof. PhDr. Bednárová Katarína, CSc.
Anotácia: The primarily literary studies and translation studies focused project will explore ways and means of disseminating scientific knowledge, research results, theories and concepts in the social sciences and humanities, such as philosophy, literary science and its borderline and interdisciplinary overlaps (literary essay, translation studies, theory, and art history), in broader cultural and sociological contexts through translations (from English, French, German, Russian and partly from Polish, Spanish and Italian) and their reflection in the Slovak cultural space in the 20th century. It will try to answer the question to what extent the social and scientific valorization of circulating translation texts was / is present in the receiving (Slovak) scientific and socio-cultural environment, to what extent translations saturated the social demand in the 20th century, and whether and how they contributed to the development of individual researched disciplines (to their enrichment, innovation, reception), or, alternatively, what role the fact of non-translation or translation of irrelevant texts or the fact, of erroneous / poor / incompetent / translation played. The project will examine the conditions for translations in the historical context as well as the status, function, and roles of translators as mediators, the institutional background and the functions of translations in the wider literary transfer framework with the aim of creating a more comprehensive picture of this type of translation as a scientific and creative activity. The material (social sciences and humanities translations) will be strictly selective, and the project has no ambition to cover all thematic and linguistic areas.
Doba trvania: 1.7.2022 - 30.6.2026
Preklad ako súčasť dejín kultúrneho procesu III. Preklad a prekladanie – texty, osobnosti, inštitúcie v interdisciplinárnych a transdisciplinárnych vzťahoch
Translation as part of the cultural process history III. Translation and translating – texts, personalities, institutions in inter- and transdisciplinary relations
Program: VEGA
Zodpovedný riešiteľ: prof. PhDr. Kusá Mária, CSc.
Anotácia: The aims of this inter- and even transdisciplinary project reflect the current developments in translation studies and issues in world literature and comparative literature. Moreover, the project has been designed to connect these discourses to what is currently going on in other fields of the humanities (philosophy, cultural history, sociology, oral history, etc.) and natural sciences (human geography, inferential statistics, ecology, etc.). The aims of the projects are as follows: a) interpretation of significant translations in the Slovak cultural space (with the assessment of their canonical status); b) examination of culturally significant, yet less defining texts, i. e. educational, pragmatic or religious texts, which have not been thoroughly examined so far; c) examining the broad and still evolving field of audio(and/or)visual texts operating in the popular culture. Given the scope of the project’s aims and the research team’s expertise, it is only natural that the research will focus not only
Doba trvania: 1.1.2019 - 31.12.2022