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The collection The Complexity of Creativity has been published upon the occasion of the jubilee of the literary scholar, Germanist, Slavicist and writer Mária Bátorová, whose work it presents in its complexity across scholarly and creative genres. Besides her personal bibliography, it contains studies by Slovak and foreign scholars, creative contributions, essays, congratulations, pictures, and two interviews about her work at the University of Cologne, literary-theoretical approaches and creative efforts.


Renáta Bojničanová – Tamara Šimončíková Heribanová (eds.): Komplexnosť tvorivosti. Zborník príspevkov k jubileu Márie Bátorovej. Bratislava: Veda, vydavateľstvo SAV a Ústav svetovej literatúry SAV, 2020.  544 s.
ISBN 978-80-224-1837-9

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Anotacia Mikulas_MetaphernforschungThe edited volume Metaphor Research in Interdisciplinary and Interdiscursive Perspectives considers the metaphor as a phenomenon that constantly accompanies and forms our orientation in space, communication and thinking. Our reality is generated by and exists in metaphors. This process can be analyzed from various perspectives of the human sciences, depending on which we can find different answers to the question of how reality is constructed through communication. It is therefore meaningful to ask how metaphors (re)construct our thinking and behaving. The authors perceive the metaphor not primarily as a phenomenon of the language system, but rather as a unique interconnection between cognition and communication. This position is supported by the fact that the metaphor has been increasingly studied by using the instruments of cognitive studies and discourse analysis. Taking interdisciplinary approaches, the studies give unique answers to the question of how the metaphor operates in the field between cognition and communication, and to what extent it takes part in what we can call a coherent and cohesive picture of the world.

ROMAN MIKULÁŠ (ed.): Metaphernforschung in interdisziplinären und interdiskursiven Perspektiven. Paderborn: Brill /mentis, 2020. 457 pp. ISBN 978-3-95743-190-5


Postcolonial Europe? Essays on Post-Communist Literatures and Cultures

gafrik-post-europeThe collective monograph Postcolonial Europe? Essays on Post-Communist Literatures and Cultures analyzes post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe through the paradigm of postcoloniality. Based on the assumption that both Western and Soviet imperialism emerged from European modernity, the book is a contribution to the development of a global postcolonial discourse based on a more extensive and nuanced geohistorical comparativism. Together the studies map the rich terrain of contemporary East-Central European creative writing and visual art.